Dragasur C.A.

Ingeniería y Servicios

About us

We are a Venezuelan company, nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of  our operations. We are specialized in engineering works and services, leader in works in inaccessible areas and with a strong position in the oil and environmental industry. We have a solid infrastructure and a great variety of maritime and terrestrial equipment, which together with the team of qualified and specialized professionals, make up a highly qualified company for the execution of large-scale works, both on land and offshore; we have the recognition and accreditation of the relevant government entities, to perform in the different lines of service we offer.

Dragasur History

Dragas del Sur C.A., was founded on December 1st, 1990 from a humble construction located at the shore of the Maroma-Concha canal in Santa Barbara del Zulia, a place that after many years became the emblematic headquarters of our organization: Central Workshop.

The first projects that were done were related to the area of hydraulic engineering; dredging in rivers, canals and docks, rectification of rivers, canalizations, operation in inaccesible areas, as well as the manufacture, repair and commercialization of vessels. In the following years we incorporated new engineering and construction lines, mainly directed to the national petrochemical and oil industry. We also offer services to diverse governmental entities.

To this date we have an industrial operations center in Santa Bárbara del Zulia, commercial headquarters in the city of Maracaibo and Caracas; as well as thriving operational bases in San Carlos, Ciudad Ojeda and Campo Boscán in Zulia state, Punto Fijo in Falcón state and Anaco in Anzoátegui state.


We provide comprehensive engineering services to provide effective solutions to the needs of our customers.


To be for 2027 a world-class company in the market of suppliers of engineering services, leader in sales in Venezuela and reference brand in the Americas.

Company values

DRAGASUR, C.A. abraza firmemente los siguientes valores corporativos con base en los cuales orienta su actuación


We understand respect as the recognition and understanding of the rights and obligations of each individual within Dragasur, therefore, we assume it as an essential condition both for the relationships within the company, as well as for the relationship with all organizations with which we interact.


At Dragasur, we exceed the expectations of our clients, given the permanent orientation of the company towards the optimization of its capabilities, which allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition.


In Dragasur we work under a security approach supporting the execution of our procedures according to the existing standards and through the correct use of our facilities and equipment.


We develop high quality services with an efficient use of available resources.


The people of Dragasur create and innovate to achieve success and ensure a competitive position in the market, by creating value in the generation of our services and in the constant search for better procedures to achieve our objectives and goals. We are capable of carrying out innovative actions with unusual qualities, for the benefit of the company and our customers.

Social Responsibility

We assume a permanent commitment with the personnel of the company and with the environment, acting beyond the established in the corresponding legal obligations.

Company policies

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Política Ambiental

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Quality Politics

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Security politics

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